Family Nature

Family Nature. What’s yours?

What kind of parent are you?  AP, Democratic, Authoritative?  Are you a cloth diaperer, breast feeder, co-sleeper, vaccinator, gentle discipliner, baby wearer?  Vegetarian, organic, vegan or none of the above?  Homeschooler, unschooler, supporter of public school, or a combination?  There are so many choices.  There is so much judgment.  Under which category do you and your family fall?

I am some of these.  I am none of these.  I used to describe us as an AP family and if I had to choose a category for my family that is still what I would say.  But I prefer to say that we are living our lives in a way that feels right to us; in a way that comes naturally to us.  We go with our gut.  As a word play on human nature and Mother Nature I like to say that we all have a family nature.  As far as our family goes, there are things that come naturally to us and things that we can’t help but feel.  This is our family nature.

In an ideal world I would surround our family with families who had the same parenting style; the same values.  The reality is that there is no other family quite like ours.  No other family that makes all the same choices.  So, we spend time around people with whom we feel comfortable.  Not necessarily like-minded people but similar-minded.  They are people who respect our choices and people who always support us even if they don’t agree with us; people who can understand that a decision I make might not be the one they make, but it is right for me and for my family. These are my peeps.  You know who you are.

I am a life partner, a mother of four, flying by the seat of my pants, living a family life that comes naturally to me.  This is my family nature.

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