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A Cake Wreck of my Own

If you’ve never seen the blog Cake Wrecks, you really should have a look.  It is described as, “A gallery of deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes.”  It is hilarious, and it was the inspiration for this post.

On Sunday my oldest, Son-O, and my BFF’s daughter celebrated their First Communion.  Our families and friends came back to our house for a party afterwards.  With Son-S’s food allergies (read about that here) I can never buy a cake from a bakery (at least, not without having to pay an arm and a leg) so I baked a cake.  Unfortunately, I’m not very good at cake decorating.  I tried it a couple of times and let me tell you, my efforts could easily have landed me on the Cake Wrecks site.  So, I just go with something easy.  I find candies that my son can eat and decorate the cake with them.  Sometimes I just use the candies to make a big number (for a birthday), or sometimes I try to spell things out like I did on this cake for our BSG finale party.  Anyway, we all usually get a chuckle out of it and the kids go crazy for the candy.

When I was making the First Communion cake on Sunday morning I realized that I had forgotten to buy icing sugar and candies for the cake.  My sister came to my rescue with the icing sugar, and brought my some from her cupboard after the church.  That meant that I had to make a really quick icing and figure something out for the top.  My icing turned out a little bit runnier than usual and I found some candies in the cupboard left over from Easter.

So I made orange cake with vanilla icing and decorated it with Dare RealFruit candies and Dare RealFruit Power Pigs, yes that’s right, Power Pigs.  As the Dare site so accurately describes them, “These powerful porkers are a soft candy made with real fruit juice and purees! Their foami, strawberry-flavoured faces are made of whipped gummie and paired with 2 awesome gummie flavoured ears: strawberry and orange.” (Sorry vegan friends, so totally NOT vegan…in more ways than one.)

Afterwards, when we all realized just how funny this cake looked we all thought that it would be great for the Cake Wrecks blog, but alas, you can only submit cakes made by a professional.  So here it is, on my own blog – my very own cake wreck:


3 thoughts on “A Cake Wreck of my Own

  1. Beevers!

    These piggies remind me of the cops in the movie Fritz The Cat. Umm…let’s just say I’ve never been straight whilst watching that particular flick.

  2. Patience

    I actually think it looks beautiful and very appropriate for a First Communion. Besides as long as it’s safe and tastes good; that’s all that the kids will remember.