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Going Sew Crazy

Several years ago, and in the span of just a few months I bought a brand new serger, sewing machine and a professional snap press.  This was way back when we only had two kids.  I had, what seems now to be, a load of free time and a bit of extra money to spend on these types of things.

Fast forward five years; we now have four kids, very little free time and absolutely no extra money.  I did a family budget recently for the first time in my life and it’s really made me think about all the stupid money decisions we’ve made over the years – talk about buyer’s remorse.  There was so much stuff that we got rid of when we moved, stuff that I wish I’d never bought.  Oh the money we could have saved ourselves, I think to myself.  Well, you can’t get too wrapped up in the past and in regret I suppose.  I just have to realize that it’s been a valuable life lesson and move on.

Of the very few things that I have and don’t regret buying are my sewing supplies.  I told myself the other day that I was glad that I bought my serger, sewing machine and snap press when I was foolish with my money.  If it was today, I doubt I would have spent the money on these things (even if I had it).

You might have noticed that my blog has been a little more quiet than usual in the last week or so.  That’s because I’ve been sewing.  When I started blogging I made a commitment (only to myself) that I would try blog three times a week.  I got caugh14Jun09 Sewing 002t up in my sewing this week and so my I feel that my poor blog has been neglected!  But alas, I only have enough free time for a certain number of projects, so I can cut myself some slack.  I thought that I’d share with my faithful readers what I’ve been working on.

The first thing I tried was this super easy 5 Minute Skirt.  My sister in law sent me a link to the Angry Chicken blog recently for a recipe (which I  keep meaning to try) and I saw the 5 Minute Skirt pattern and thought it looked pretty easy.  I decided to go for it and in the process of making it also learned how to use FOE, aka Fold Over Elastic.  How is it that I’ve never used this before?  Love it.  I also learned how to use Bias Tape for hemming.  I love this too.  In the end I was pretty pleased with my new skills and my new skirt.

14Jun09 Sewing 007

Since I had such an easy time with the skirt, I figured I’d give something else a try.  I have this great pattern for a Vintage Jumper from one of my favourite pattern companies aptly named, although spelled wrong, Favorite Things.  My first attempt turned out a little shorter than it should have because when I was sewing the body to the skirt I sewed the right side to the wrong side – aak!  Thus the final product turned out more like a smock; but very cute nonetheless.

14Jun09 Sewing 006I tried making it again with this brown with pink polka dots fabric.  This time it turned out more like a dress.

Finally, I made the Circle Skirt from the Little Hip Skirts Pattern.  This is a gift for one of our little friends.  I’ve made this pattern a few times before but this is the first time I’ve made it with the belt and belt loops.  I finished the hem with some bias tape and voila!  Pretty cute if I do say so…let’s just hope the size I guessed is the right one.

14Jun09 Sewing 004

My next project is going to be Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling made from some gorgeous fabric from Pink Panda Fabrics.  It’s a great new on-line Canadian fabric shop and right now they’re accepting Canadian money at par (woot!).

Four projects in one week with one or two more in the works.  That is definitely a record for me.  No buyer’s remorse here – absolutely not – three of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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One thought on “Going Sew Crazy

  1. Cheryl

    Woo! Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I too will be “going sew crazy” this summer. I asked for a sewing class for my birthday and suprisingly my husband said ok. I guess he didn’t like what I was making with my fabrics – which were basically blankets – anything square/rectangle shaped.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your projects.