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A Good Reminder

Puddle Jumping by PittCaleb

Earlier this week my awesome friend B and her kids were over for lunch and a play date.  It was a dreary day.  It had been raining off and on all day.

B promised the kids she’d take them outside after lunch.  True to her word, after we’d eaten B got everyone ready for some puddle jumping.

Off we went, walking down the street, a fine mist coming down and the kids jumping and splashing to their little hearts’ content.  We didn’t go far and we weren’t out for long, but it was long enough for the kids to have a great time and get their beans out.  And it was long enough to remind me how much fun it is for everyone to go walking splashing in the rain.  It’s something I haven’t done with the kids in a while, but will be doing again soon.

Thanks for the reminder B.

Photo by PittCaleb via flickr.

3 thoughts on “A Good Reminder

  1. Cheryl

    What a great reminder to have fun even on not so sunny days– although we haven’t had many rainy days in a while here 🙂 I think I might just go and buy myself some rubber boots too one day so I don’t miss out on the fun