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Two Spaces or One? Grammar and Going with the Flow.


A few years ago when I was working on a newsletter for my kids’ school, I became aware that some people were only putting one space after a period at the end of a sentence. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they know that you’re supposed to use two spaces‽ For goodness sakes, nobody cares about grammar anymore!


Okay it’s true. One space is the new norm…or the not-so-new norm, apparently. This I learned after visiting one of my favourite, newly discovered blogs: Grammar Girl. This and other fascinating grammar facts were also confirmed after I picked up a copy of her book Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Don’t believe me? Check out her recent post about it here.

So, welcome to my first ever blog post with only one space at the end of a sentence. Never mind that I’ve had to go back and delete a space at the end of almost every single one. It’s a tough habit to break. I still remember grade 9 typing. Using my right thumb only, I obediently double spaced at the end of a sentence. Again in my early twenties, when I took a Computer Keyboarding class to improve my typing skills – two spaces.

I admit it, when I first heard a couple of years ago that one space is the new way I thought, whatever. If people want to use only one space that’s up to them, but I’m going to keep on using two spaces. I think it looks better. Hmph.

But I don’t want to be one of those people, getting old and staying stuck in my ways. I want to stay on top of things. I want to be the kind of parent who knows what’s going on, and who can help my kids out with these types of things. It’s not just about grammar, it’s about everything. It’s about being flexible; being willing to change; accepting that things will not always be the same; going with the flow. It’s best to be able to adapt, don’t you think?

I’ll leave you with another lesson I’ve learned from Grammar Girl. Have you heard of the interrobang? What‽ You haven’t heard‽ Well, you know when you are asking a question and you’re surprised or excited at the same time? Most people would normally use both a question mark and an exclamation point (What?!). But according to grammarians it isn’t proper to use them together so…ta da, the interrobang is the solution. Neat, eh‽

Just trying to keep up with the times….

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5 thoughts on “Two Spaces or One? Grammar and Going with the Flow.

  1. Andi

    So that’s where that extra space went, dangit! I’m old-school (as you can see). I refuse to conform! They can take away my double-spacing-after-periods, but they’ll never take my freeeeedoooooom!

    Well, okay, I guess I can see the logic in the change, since we aren’t using good old s p a c e d o u t typewriter font for everything anymore. But the interrobang?! Oh, hellz, no! 😛

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  3. Brie

    I kind of remember being told once in school to use two spaces but I just didn’t see why. I thought it looked funny. I guess I am a one-space kind of gal. 🙂

  4. Beevers!

    What?! I’m sorry but that’s just something I can’t stop doing. I can change with times with a lot of things but this isn’t one of them.


  5. Jane Anne

    Ok, I knew about the double space thing but I have not heard of the interrobang. That’s totally new and seems crazy to me. Thanks for passing on the sites.