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20.Aug.09 086

First we washed six limes, then we put them in the microwave for one minute (I read somewhere once that limes straight from the fridge won’t yield as much juice as room temperature ones).

Next the kids gently rolled them (apparently this helps soften them up so they’re easier to juice).

20.Aug.09 089

Then, with several helping hands, we squeezed each one.

20.Aug.09 095

Meanwhile, we boiled 3 cups of water and added 1 cup of sugar (I found this a tad bit sweet so next time I’ll use a little less sugar).

We added the lime juice to the sugar water, then we filled the jug up with water and ice and voila – a super yummy, super easy, super cheap (6 limes for 97¢), fun to make summer drink.

20.Aug.09 097

You can also use replace some of the limes with lemons to make lemon-limeade. Yum.

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