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I’m Still Here

Hello faithful readers. I’m still here. Back to school, a new school and the usual busy-ness of our lives have kept me from my blog.

I have a few half-written posts: why I don’t believe in food bans, my kids’ new school and our mini vacation are all in the works.

Getting back into the swing of things has been slow this year, I’m not sure why. I do like back to school though. A little bit of routine is a good thing for us, I think. Not that I don’t like summer mind you. I hear a lot of parents complaining about summer but I like hanging out with the kids. I love the lazy days of summer. I love not having to be anywhere at a certain time. But school is good too. It gets us all up, out of bed and dressed early and I generally feel much more productive during the school year.

So lately it’s been back to school: allergy forms, other school forms, teacher meetings, getting everyone settled, making lunches, organizing back-packs, water bottles – the usual things. It’s also been sleepless nights with a very out-of-sorts toddler and the ins and outs of a new school.

I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’. This is the way things have been lately. We’re all adjusting and doing well. I could do with a bit more sleep though … I should probably start a post on that too.

Stay tuned friends, I’m still here and there’s more to come.

One thought on “I’m Still Here

  1. Cheryl

    Are your children enjoying WCS? I can’t get my son to talk about it at ALL (although last week he told someone that his school doesn’t have an inside “because they couldn’t build it in time.”)