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On Reflecting, Resolutions and Pulling it All Together

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one always makes me think. Like everyone else at this time of year I’m reflecting. Last night Mr. Family Nature and I sat down after the kids were in bed and talked about the year behind us and the one that lies ahead. That is, until the baby woke up.

The baby woke up about 5 minutes after we sat down and she stayed awake until we went to bed. So we did our best and jotted down some of our accomplishments from last year and some of our goals/resolutions for this year. To say the least, it is very incomplete. It’s a work in progress, I tell myself. We’ll try again tonight, I say.

Last night’s scenario sums up very well what our life is like. We have plans, good intentions, and goals. They all seem to go awry somehow. There are so many distractions, so little time. It makes me wonder how anyone with kids ever follows through on resolutions. Is it just me?

Last night we ended up sitting on the couch with our sleepy little girl. Her cheeks were rosy and warm and her big hazel eyes looking up at us made us want to melt right there. Resolutions can wait, I tell myself. We’re enjoying our little girl, I say.

The resolutions remind me of my life: half finished; to be completed another time; late, like everything else in my life. *Sigh* Sometimes I just feel like I cannot pull it all together.

I will finish those resolutions and when I do I’ll share them here.

3 thoughts on “On Reflecting, Resolutions and Pulling it All Together

  1. Amanda

    Ha! I’ll have to remember that.

    I just wish I could fly by the seat of my pants just a teeny, tiny bit less.

  2. Susana

    Glad you liked the Veronica Hays manifesto I emailed!

    I still haven’t found THE quote to champion this year, I’m looking for something about simplicity; ‘if life gives you lemons make lemonade’; joy and laughter. So maybe what I’m looking for is not a quote, in fact, it might just be Dave Eggers’ speech @ Ted: