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Nine Rocky Years

The picture above is of me and Mr. Family Nature on our wedding day. (I don’t know what’s up with that picture, our faces look plastic or something – it was very cold that day – but it was the only picture of us on our wedding day that I could get my hands on quickly.) Nine years ago yesterday, Mr. FN and I eloped. We called a very few people from our immediate family the day before and said, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? We’re getting married!” The rest of our family and friends found out via email the next day.

It was so much fun to plan a secret wedding. We kept it a secret for months before we got married. We picked out wedding bands, bought clothes: I bought a very non-traditional wedding dress that was black and purple and wore it with tall black boots. Mr. FN bought a new suit. I had been married before and we were waiting for my divorce to be finalized. I got the divorce certificate on January 5th, we were married on the 12th and we took possession of our newly built condo on the 19th. Not one single person knew that we were going to get married until the day before.

The day we got married, Mr. FN went to the restaurant we ended up having dinner at that night, just to check it out and make sure we could get a reservation. Even though we’d been planning to elope for months, we didn’t know when I would get my divorce certificate so some things were pretty last minute. We were married at 4:00 (I think!) and then with nine of our closest family members we had a lovely dinner at a charming little restaurant nearby.

I never had an engagement ring, we didn’t have fancy flowers and there wasn’t a hint of white in sight and it was awesome. We didn’t want the day to be about anything but us.

On our first anniversary my sister called us to wish us a happy anniversary and we looked at each other and laughed our heads off – we had both forgotten. We’ve forgotten every year since. It seems to have become a game. This year Mr. FN ‘won’ because he remembered first. Maybe I’ll win next year.

We have had our fair share of rocky moments. Truth be told, it hasn’t always been bliss – what marriage is? But we are totally in love with each other; we have four beautiful kids and a really great life. I’ve heard people say many times that a marriage takes work, and we know firsthand that this is true. So, we trudge on; we continue to work on our marriage, be in love and enjoy our family.

Here’s to many more rocky years, Mr. FN. <3

One thought on “Nine Rocky Years

  1. Patience

    Well it’s a nice picture and you both look very happy so that’s what counts.
    I’ll have been married for 16 years in May. We didn’t elope but we did do it our way; simple, small and cheap much to the dismay of dh’s parents!