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Monday Morning Meeting

Mr. Family Nature and I used to go for coffee every Monday morning. We called it our Monday Morning Meeting. We’d spend the first few minutes talking about the upcoming week and syncing our calendars. The rest of the time we’d chat about other things. You know, stuff. The stuff that we don’t always get a chance to talk about when four crazy kids are running around.

I’m not sure why we stopped having our weekly meeting, but we did. We missed one Monday because of some appointment, life got busy and then we just kind of … forgot.

Last week Mr. FN and I were talking and I suddenly remembered our meetings and so I asked him, “Remember when we used to have our Monday Morning Meetings?” and he said, “Oh ya” as if it were some distant memory. “Why don’t we do that anymore?” I asked and we couldn’t figure out why. So we decided to start again.

Mr. FN sent me a meeting request via email for a recurring meeting: every Monday at 9:15 for one hour. (Umm, isn’t that what all couples do to keep their appointments straight?) We had our first (in a while) meeting today. I was really nice. Our three oldest boys were at school and our 2 year old toddled around – mostly from my lap to his. We talked about the week (something on the calendar every day for the next two weeks!), the kids (absolute angels, all four), the upcoming fundraiser at our kids’ school (Mr. FN: We should at least send in $5 per kid. Me: No way! I want to sit this one out. We shouldn’t feel obliged to contribute to every single fundraiser, for crying out loud!) and various other things (Me: I was getting Gmail to my iPhone immediately, now sometimes there is a delay, what is going on with that? Mr. FN: umm, ya honey, you let me know as soon as you have it figured out.) All in all, it was a very productive meeting; wouldn’t you say, Mr. Family Nature?

Next week, come Monday morning, you’ll find us at the local coffee shop, chatting about all the insignificant, important things in our life. Very boring, I know, but at the same time, very worthwhile.

One thought on “Monday Morning Meeting

  1. Mr. Family Nature

    Yes, my love, it was a very, very productive meeting, and I can’t wait for next week! 😉