Family Nature


I’ve never referred to my kids by their name on this blog. Why? Well, I’m not really sure to be honest. I think that if anyone really wanted to know the names of my kids, it probably wouldn’t be that difficult to find out. On the other hand, it’s fine for me to put myself out there on the web, but I feel slightly uncomfortable putting my kids out there – I guess I just don’t feel like it’s up to me. Because of this, I’ve always referred to them by something other than their real names: my son, my daughter, Son-O, Son-F, etc.

I find this a bit problematic too. When I talk about my kids here, do people understand which one I’m talking about? When they are reading a blog post, does it make sense? I guess people who know me get it, but I always feel a bit weird just calling them “my son” or “my daughter” or referring to them with an initial.

So, I’ve decided to use an alias for each of them; funny little nicknames that have been given to them by one of their siblings. Nobody would ever guess what their actual names are from these nicknames. Here they are:

  • Yo-yo – This is my first born, a boy. He is 8 and is in grade 3.
  • Faw-fee – This is number two, also a boy. He is 6 and is in Senior Kindergarten.
  • See-see – My number three, another boy. He is 4, is in Junior Kindergarten and has multiple food allergies.
  • Moonie – Last but not least, my daughter, who is 2.

I hope it will make it easier for me to write and easier for everyone to follow along.