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Here We Go! My Very First Giveaway.

Here it is friends: my very first (and probably only one for a long time) giveaway! Boring details are near the bottom, here’s what you can win:

Tupperware Lunch Set

This set includes: an insulated lunch bag, CrystalWave® Soup Mug, one 16-oz./470 mL tumbler and a CrystalWave® 4 ¼ cup/1.1 L container. $44 value

Thanks to Lisa Marie Fletcher, who gave me a discount for this item. Lisa is an Independent Tupperware Manager and a homeschooling, WAHM to 3 busy boys. She’s my go-to gal for Tupperware. (One day, I will have organized cupboards!)  Go check out Lisa’s website.


Shannon’s Irish Bliss Gift Set

This set includes: Lavender Vanilla Body Butter, Natural Rose Facial Moisturizer, Rosemary Mint Shea Butter Soap, Earth Tones Solid Perfume and Mint Julep Lip Balm. $31.75 value

My sister has been raving about Shannon’s products for a while now, so I bought some stuff from her Etsy shop. I loved everything. One of the products I tried is the Lavender Vanilla Body Butter. Oh. Em. Gee. People, I swear, every time I open the jar I want to eat it. Seriously, that’s how yummy it smells. It really reminds me – both in texture and in smell – of my Vegan (or not) Vanilla Icing. And it’s wonderful for dry skin; I especially love it for the winter. If you like natural body products, you’ll love this stuff. Thanks to Shannon for giving me a deal on this gift set.

Take a look at Shannon’s Irish Bliss Etsy Shop, also check out Shannon on Facebook and on Twitter.


Charmed Frog Ring

I love this totally funky, handmade, beaded, wire wrapped ring by Charmed Frog on etsy. The Czech glass and glass beads are shades of pinks and purples. The ring is adjustable and will fit about a size 4 to a size 6. $24 value

I’ve been drooling over this awesome jewellery lately. I love to support Canadian businesses and even more so when they are WAHMs. Charmed Frog is a WAHM to two in New Brunswick. To see more of Charmed Frog’s funky jewelery check out her Etsy Shop. She’s also on Twitter.


Cupcakes for Haiti Cookbook

This book is currently at the printer. The mastermind behind the whole project, Susana, wanted the cover image to be a surprise, so I don’t have a picture for you yet (what you see here is the poster from the event). BUT as soon as the book is ready, the winner will receive a copy, hot off the presses. $20 value

Have you read about Cupcakes for Haiti? If you haven’t, go and read about it now – it’s quick! Susana and friends raised just under $12,000. The cookbook is a continuation of those efforts. Proceeds from the book will be divided equally between MSF/Doctors Without Borders and FINCA. The book was put together entirely with volunteers and donations. Not a penny was spent in the production of this book so that all the proceeds can be donated to the cause. Pretty cool, eh?  If you don’t win, I’ll be selling copies on my blog so stay tuned!

You can read Susana’s blog and follow her on Twitter.


Autographed copy of Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stores Told by Doulas

Dr. Lisa Doran, ND, and Lisa Caron, CD & PCD (DONA)

This book is a lovely collection. It includes stories by Lisa Doran, Lisa Caron, Sam Lesson, Jennifer Elliot, Shawn Gallagher, Tara MacLean-Grand, Toby Neal and Rean Cross, just to name a few. $20 value

Lisa Doran is a mum to 3 boys; a midwifery, homebirth and breastfeeding advocate; a doula; and a naturopathic doctor who specializes in fertility, pregnancy and birth. Years ago, when I was still a relatively new mother, Lisa responded to something I posted on a mum’s group. Most certainly unbeknownst to her, her words had a strong impact on me and my confidence as an attachment parent. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. Since then our lives have crossed paths a few times, and most recently, we connected through our kids.

Find Bearing Witness at and Follow Lisa Doran on Twitter.


Autographed copy of Isobel’s Tree

Written and Illustrated by Dawn Potter

This is a sweet children’s book suitable for young children or beginner readers with themes of nature and family. The artwork is beautiful and the book is made entirely of recyclable materials. $10 value

For more information about the book, see the publisher’s website. If you’re in the GTA and would like to buy an autographed copy, contact Dawn directly at The book is also available at Chapters.Indigo, and



Why am I doing a giveaway? Partly because I’d love to see more of who my readers are. Lots of you have commented before but I know lots of you haven’t. I’m hoping that I’ll see some new names in that comments box.

I also want to say thank you to my readers. When I started this blog I had no idea how much I’d love it. I also had no idea how many people would read it! Seriously, I know I don’t have an enormous following but there are enough of you reading that it makes me want to keep writing. So I want to say thank you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for waiting patiently (and then coming back to read) when my writing has been scarce. Thank you so much for your comments; I love reading the comments. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Thank you for “liking” my Facebook page. Thanks.

Full Disclosure

I paid for all the prizes I’m giving away. I decided a while back that I wasn’t going to accept freebies in exchange for reviewing products, and I wanted to be consistent. I’m giving away these products because I really like them and the people from whom I got them. Some of the prizes I paid full price for and for a couple I received a discount (see prize details for more information).

How to Enter

It’s actually very simple. All I ask is that you leave a comment. I would love for you tell me what your favourite post is, or why you read my blog, or how you found my blog in the first place but the comment can be as simple as “hi”. The giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents. One entry per person.

You must leave your comment before midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on Sunday June 20th, 2010. Winners will be announced within two days.

By the way, when you leave a comment, you’ll be asked for your email address but don’t worry, nobody but me can see that and I’d never use/sell/give away anybody’s email address.

Good luck!

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45 thoughts on “Here We Go! My Very First Giveaway.

  1. Zoey

    I love your blog. It is my favorite attachment parenting/family blog. I love your blend of humor & outspoken honesty.

  2. Lisa Marie

    Thanks Amanda! Great giveaways! 🙂

    I love reading your blog because it’s so open and honest and … you!

    Keep up the great work – I love the new layout BTW.

  3. Leah

    My favourite posts are the one about downsizing your house, the one about croup, and why you don’t support food bans. All interesting and honest (and, in the case of croup, terrifying). It’s nice to read about other people’s families in an honest way – not bragging, just sharing. Thanks!

  4. rachel crisman

    I just found your blog while surfing the web.Wow,awesome give away! I would love to win!!!Thanks so much for letting me enter. You rock!

  5. Lisa Neutel

    I’m enjoying hearing your stories of life with littles, as we have boys about the same ages. I especially related to your post on weaning. It’s less than a year since I weaned my younger son, after 6.5 yrs of constant pregnancy or nursing (and that’s only 2 kids 🙂 A couple of times in the past few weeks DS#2 has asked “May I nurse you?” Little tug at the heartstrings.
    I’m looking forward to reading more!

  6. barbara H

    I read your blog because I love watching you process your life events. The behind the scenes perspective. AND I love the recipes.

  7. Michele

    As a fellow co-sleeper, I enjoy any and all posts related to bed sharing: feet in uncomfortable places, kicks that wake the dead, and the hugs and snuggles 🙂 Ah, the joys!

  8. Amy Quarry

    Well…I think i discovered your blog when you entered a giveaway on mine, and I have been reading it ever since. Love your perspective!

  9. Jacqui

    Hi Amanda,
    I read your blog too — particularly if you post the notice on facebook saying you’ve written something new. I just like reading your perspective on whatever events or parenting issues are inspiring you at the time. You write really well!

  10. karen

    wow amanda, this awesome.
    Lunch set is cool, since ive been trying to get a catalogue for tupperware. Just joking.
    Your blogs are great. And so are you for doing all that you do. Mr. FN and those children of yours sure are lucky to have you in their lives. Keep us posted.

  11. Alexandra

    I don’t read a lot of blogs, but I do read yours. What I like most about it is that reading someone’s blog allows you to “know” them in ways that speaking with them doesn’t. This sounds like it should be untrue somehow – what could be more intimate than talking with someone? but blogs allow us to talk about the things that we mull over, things that are vulnerable, maybe things that we want to process and get more input on. A blog is like an uninterrupted conversation – it is such a privilege to get a glimpse into another’s world in this way.

    All that said, my favourite post of yours is the one about the interrobang!? Partly because I think it is hilarious – but mostly because you express, in this post about a seemingly-small thing (a mark! on a page! a piece of punctuation!) your commitment to your kids and their well-being. I love how the lens you look through is always famiily, family, family. 🙂

  12. Susana

    Thanks so much for including C4H cookbook in your contest. You forgot to mention that one of YOUR recipes is in there. No need to include my name in any of the draws, we are starting a renovation and don’t have room for a thing.

  13. Stephanie

    Joanne’s my mom! She must have seen my retweet!

    Like Susana, I don’t need to be entered (too much stuff here, too!), but congratulations on your first giveaway and your successful blog!

    I enjoy reading your posts (when you remind me on FB) and if I had to choose a favourite: the orange cake recipe. Love it!

  14. Sylvia

    I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago when I was researching about co-sleeping. I have peeked in on you a few times and have fallen in ~LOVE~. As a mother of 2 I find your blog a place for me to find acceptance of the choices I make on a daily basis. We all want what is best for us and our children and the choices I make are only for me and my children. After reading your blogs I always end with a grin from ear to ear! I have been critized because others think I think I’m the greatest mom in the world…..what these people don’t understand is that I will do what it takes to be the best mom to my children. I hope you don’t mind me peeking in from time to time for some ~Family Nature LOVE’N~

    Many Blessings

  15. Angela

    How cool it is it that not only do we get to read your amazing blog, but now you’re giving away stuff! Thanks for the facebook updates on new posts, and you’ll have to teach me to become more computer savvy. Love the new look too!

  16. tara

    First, I love your new look. Great graphics. I think my favourite post has been the ‘things that come naturally’ (and don’t) ones from way back. I also love the recipes.

  17. Melissa H

    Well i started reading your blog at some point last year. When i started iam not 100 % sure. But i do so love reading. The one that is in my head at the moment was the monday morning meetings between you and Mr FN. Love it. and have started meeting with my own Hubby. I love reading a blogs about women who have a voice.
    Its a great blog and keep it up.

  18. Chris

    Love reading your blog! Would love to win one of your cool prizes! I have been thinking about my favourite posts (I can’t pick just one!) Your birth stories move me to tears no matter how many times I read them. Love your posts on co-sleeping and attachment parenting. And One Decision is also one of my faves. Keep writing!!

  19. Emilie Rugard

    My favourite posts in no particular order : downsizing, positive discipline and cursed. I really enjoy your blog. A little of this, a little of that, but all of it relevant to my life as a mother.

  20. Emily

    I just found your blog recently- but so far it is great. I appreciate the great giveaway! Would love to win-

  21. cheryl

    Hmm. Well, I was definitely heartened to learn I’m not the only with piles of laundry (I mean, I knew that, but it’s nice to have confirmation). The post about croup definitely stands out, but I don’t know if I have a favourite post. I always enjoy reading your blog and usually visit right away when I get notice that there’s something new.

  22. Stephanie Alouche

    Dude! You know why I read your blog! You know me inside and out! You know I love the honesty I read here. It reminds to be honest with all my feelings everyday. Also that it is very easy to be honest without injury or cruelty.
    You say out loud your thoughts about c-section, co-sleeping and the fumbles we make as parents without fear. I love it. It inspires me….now back to my bed with a few sets of feet up my ass.
    Oh yeah, my fav? Most recently I enjoyed your blog about weaning your wee girl. (Sigh). Meag weaned just before 4 years…its been over a year now and I WANT ANOTHER BABY TO NURSE! I thought I was “done” being a nursing mom but it makes me want to cry now to think I may never do it again.

  23. Cheryl W.

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway. I didn’t know tupperware was still in business. My grandma use to covet her tupperware like it was gold. I would love to win this and maybe start my own coveted tupperware collection. Great prizes.

  24. Tara

    I just found your blog- and just in time for the giveaway 😀
    So far I just love being inspired and reading stories about another natural mom like myself. Your baby wearing post was especially sweet and I love all the yummy vegan recipes (were veg…but moving towards being vegan)

  25. Marion

    I love reading stories about attachment parenting, your recipes. I loved reading about your birth stories and all the things that go on in your family. Thank you, I learn so much from you and your family.

  26. Anna

    I found your blog only recently, so I’m working my way through it. Hard to say what my favourite post is, but I’m drawn to the cesarean stuff, for sure, and especially the birth stories. I’ve sort of “known” you for almost four years now, so it’s great to have these glimpses into your actual life!

  27. Amanda

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve given everyone who commented (and wanted to be entered) a number. Numbers are in order of comments. I’ll be using to generate 5 random numbers between 1 and 37. The first number generated will win the first prize listed, the second number will win the second prize listed and so on. Stay tuned. Winners will be announced shortly!


    1. Beevers
    2. Zoey
    3. Danielle
    4. Winston
    5. Lisa Marie
    6. Leah
    7. rachel crisman
    8. Marlo K. Shaw
    9. Lisa Neutel
    10. barbara H
    11. Michele
    12. Amy Quarry
    13. Lisa
    14. Jacqui
    15. Lea
    16. karen
    17. Brigitte
    18. Ashley H.
    19. Alexandra
    20. Joanne Sleightholm
    21. CF
    22. Stephanie
    23. Sylvia
    24. Angela
    25. tara
    26. Melissa H
    27. Chris
    28. Emilie Rugard
    29. Emily
    30. cheryl
    31. Stephanie Alouche
    32. Cheryl W.
    33. Connie
    34. Lisa Cipparone
    35. Tara
    36. Marion
    37. Anna

  28. Amanda

    And the winners are …

    Random Integer Generator
    Here are your random numbers:
    Timestamp: 2010-06-22 02:10:20 UTC

    So, that is:

    Barbara h — Tupperware lunch set
    Emilie Rugard — Shannon’s Irish Bliss Gift Set
    Danielle — Charmed Frog Ring
    Leah — Cupcakes for Haiti Cookbook (as soon as it has been printed)
    Lea — Bearing Witness Book
    Angela – Isobel’s Tree Book

    Winners have been notified by email.

    Thanks for entering!


  29. Susana

    C4H cookbook will be at printer next week. As soon as the books are in my hand I’ll DM you Amanda. Txs for including the book in your very generous contest 🙂