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Cupcakes for Haiti Cookbook

It’s here.

And you can get your hot little hands on a copy right here from me. Here’s what you do: email me amanda[at] I can send you a PayPal invoice or you can pay cash in person. I will make arrangements for pick up or drop off in the GTA, or I’ll ship it worldwide for a small shipping fee.

Do you remember Cupcakes for Haiti? Back in January a local mum, Susana Molinolo (@foodplayground), hosted a cupcake sale on her front lawn. Local bakers, including yours truly, donated baked goods – mostly cupcakes. The result? Thanks to word of mouth and social media, Susana and friends raised nearly $12,000. Yes, twelve thousand dollars. Cash.

We all heard about the earthquake in Haiti and saw the devastating images. Not everyone has extra cash to donate, but cupcakes? Anyone can bake some up in a cinch. And who doesn’t love cupcakes. Sparing a twoonie for a cupcake isn’t a hardship.

So we baked, we bought and ate cupcakes, and the community came together to raise money for a worthy cause. What better way to continue those efforts, than a book celebrating that day.

The Cupcakes for Haiti Cookbook is a book full of cupcake recipes, all different flavours and designs. There is my personal favourite: the Brownie Heart Cupcakes (OMG, these are to die for), plus there are recipes from Dufflet, Desmond and Beatrice and Ruby Watchco, a classic 1-2-3-4 Cupcake recipe your grandmother would have used, cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Bailey’s Frosting and even a couple of vegan cupcake recipes (including my go-to and always-a-hit famous vegan orange cupcakes and vegan vanilla icing recipes).

Amazingly, not a single penny was spent in the production of this book. 100% of every dollar in cookbook sales will be split evenly and to go FINCA Canada and MSF Canada.

So c’mon, what are you waiting for? Order a book today!

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    Pretty much every time I get involved in a political topic or debate on FB I regret it later. All my worlds collide on there, and I’m starting to realize I liked a lot of people better before I knew them online.