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It’s the Why

It’s not the what, it’s the why.

This is something Mr. Family Nature says. Sometimes we focus too much energy on the “what”. What we really should be thinking about is the “why”. Not what things are but why they are that way. Not what people say and do but why they do them.

There is something in my mind that, over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. I never had the “why” piece of the equation so I only thought of it in terms of what it was. The “what” part of it made me angry, and so I packaged it up and put it away in the back of my mind, never to be thought of again. It was a part of my life that was over. And I was okay with that.

I recently learned the “why”. Not only did the “why” open up that neat little package, it exploded it. And when the dust settled, it all became clear. The “why” was the missing piece all along. The “why” made it all make sense.

The “why” doesn’t change anything. It’s not an excuse; it doesn’t make bad things good. What it does, is gives you a different perspective. It made me understand the “what” and my feelings suddenly changed. Feelings of anger changed to compassion, forgiveness, understanding and support. And this new perspective means another chance – for all of us.

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3 thoughts on “It’s the Why

  1. Julie Guyatt

    You are a beautiful writer. I am so tremendously sorry for the “what”, and I love you for how you have handled the “why”.