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Making a List

I found this post in my drafts from back in November. I don’t know why I didn’t post it then. Going through my drafts, bound a determined to publish a blog post today, I’m feeling as overwhelmed as I did the day I wrote this one. So, after I hit “publish”, I’m going to make a list and try to figure out how to get a handle on things in my life.

I sit here on the couch after a long day. A long week, in fact. Busy, busy, busy. Meetings, an out of town funeral, birthday parties; all in addition to the regular things that go on in a week. This week I am burnt out. And instead of doing something that needs to be done, I am here friends; writing to you all through my sadly neglected blog.

I am struggling with the mental to-do list in my head. I try to count the things I have to get done and I just can’t do it. It’s too much. There are too many things. How in the world will I ever meet my deadlines? How am I going to keep it together?

The impossibility of the jumbled list in my head is bringing me down. So I’m going to do what I always do when I feel this way: I’m going to make a list. Not a list in my head (which I just simply cannot keep track of). Not a list on my iPhone (which stores every appointment, birthday, phone number and every other significant thing in my life). Not a list on my computer (which just doesn’t keep lists in a way that makes sense to me). I am going to make a list, with a pen and paper. I’m actually going to do it right now. Hang on.

Okay, I made a list and even accomplished one thing from the list while I was doing it. And you know what? It’s actually not that bad. I really only have four things on my list – mind you, each thing will take some time, but now that I’ve written it down I can see it clearly – literally and figuratively. My list is on a sticky note, stuck to the top of my computer. I’ll rest a little easier tonight now that I have a little perspective.

Let me leave you with a few positives from this week:

It was a busy week with school stuff. Even though it can be overwhelming, I’m ending the week feeling good about the people in my community. New friends and old, they are overall a really awesome bunch.

Today we spent half the day at Evergreen Brick Works. I cannot tell you how much I love this place. The location is truly a hidden gem in this city. Beautiful walking trails, a rich history and the farmer’s market are my favourites. And do you know what the absolute best part is? The family-friendly aspect of it all. I walk around the vendors of the farmer’s market and they are all so lovely to the kids. Why wouldn’t they be? People say that the women make all the shopping decisions – nonsense! It’s all about the kids. If I walk up to a table and the people engage the kids, welcome the kids and sometimes even give the kids a little sample or some special attention, you’d better believe I am way more likely to spend my money there. It seems that all the vendors there are like this. It’s not just the vendors though, it’s everything else too. It’s far too much to write about here now. If you live in the GTA you simply have to check it out.

We came home today with a bunch of lovely carrots of all different colours. We also got some amazing (although a little pricey) vegan vanilla chocolate from ChocoSol. I picked up a few Grainstorm baking mixes, including a vegan one. And we finished off with a little bag of Honey Crip apples that were so big, juicy and perfect I could hardly believe they were real.

After we got home, I turned off my cell phone, took my home phone off the hook and never touched my computer. We all ate lunch – starting, of course, with a snack of multi-coloured carrots and super-yummy apples. We spent the rest of the day preparing for dinner guests to celebrate Grandpa Larry’s birthday. I spent the evening in my jammies – which you can only do with the people with whom you are closest.

And now I sit here, with my computer on my lap, a blanket, a nice cup of tea and a brownie (made in honour of Grandpa’s birthday). I’m feeling full, warm and cozy, less overwhelmed than I was earlier today, loved and grateful for the people who love me.

I wish it was a bit slower, but still, life is good.

Image by Kodamakitty via flickr.

One thought on “Making a List

  1. Chris

    Lists – I make them sometimes. Usually when we are getting ready for a big party, or a weekend away. I love the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go. The list also makes it easier to delegate some tasks to my helpers!