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A few weeks ago, my good friend MoneyGal posted on Facebook asking her friends to comment with their grandparents’ names. She wanted to see if the names from long ago were “in style” or out of style now. There were a whopping 55 comments and I loved, loved, loved reading them. So I am totally stealing the idea.

Related to this, I have just started looking into my and Mr. FamilyNature’s family trees. I didn’t know all of my grandparents’ names when I posted on MoneyGal’s wall, but I do now. Over the past few days I have loved seeing a bit of my family history, learned a few really interesting – and even some scandalous for their time – tidbits, and connected with a couple of long-lost cousins.

I don’t ask much of you, dear readers, do I? I would love it if you would comment below with the given names of your grandparents.

My grandparents were Maureen Monica & Donald Lee and Mildred Viola & Charles Henry.

Mr FamilyNature’s grandparents were Basil Emerson & Julia Helen and Lawrence Joseph & Margaret Mary.

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14 thoughts on “Grandparents

  1. Amy Quarry

    I just realized I don’t know middle names but the first names are Marjorie, Louis, Carole, and Richard. We named our daughter Stella after my paternal great grandmothers maiden name and my husbands great aunt. It was kind of fun that it is on both sides.

  2. Amber

    My grandparents were Beatrice Lucille, Norman Arnold, Mary and Benjamin. I think Mary and Benjamin are fairly timeless, but I’m not as sure about Beatrice or Norman.

  3. sarah

    my maternal grandparents, annie -alice, stanley
    paternal, matilda, william lewis, hated his name, which was also his fathers, so was known as john by all.

  4. Patience

    My grandparents names were Albert Edward Brown and Clara Agnes Overs (dad) and Edgar Askew Smith and Lilias Cheshire Frooms (mom). My mom’s dad was a WW1 pilot and some time I’m gonna scan in the cool pics of him and the planes he flew.

  5. Star

    What a great idea! My grandparents were Mary Elizabeth & William Ferris, and Nancy Mary Jane & Walter Willoughby.

  6. karen

    I love family tree stuff, but unfortunately my is very complicated. Anyway my grandparents were: Harold and Mary(dad) and Angus and Effie Maude(mom).

  7. Jordin

    I love genealogy, in theory. And i am immensely thankful for my MIL who LOVES doing all the research for it, and now know all my paternal genealogy back to the 1500’s. Fascinating stuff! My Grandparents names are: Mary, David, Florence and Norman.

  8. K

    My grandparents, both Dutch, are: Marten, Maaike, Klaas and Gretje. Of course when the emigrated to Canada, Maaike became Mary and Gretje became Greta. Even my father’s name, Dirk, which is easy to pronounce, became Dick! I’m glad this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore. (at least I hope it doesn’t…)

  9. Melissa H

    Mary and Cecil. I have Mary as one of my middle names and my son Austin has Cecil as his. Up untill my grandmother had my mother Belinda who was the first born, First born girls were named Mary.