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Too Much?

I admitted last year that I’d never really had much of an interest in gardening. That is, until we moved into this house. Last year we had our first real vegetable garden and now I’m totally hooked.

Today Moonie and I went out to get a few planting supplies. There are a few more things I want to plant.


Here is our current indoor garden. Many of these are sprouting:

This is our outdoor garden, freshly turned and ready for planting:

Today I got this:

Yes, that tray holds 72 (and I resisted the urge to buy two). Because these are all the seeds I still want to plant:

Too much? I can feel Mr. FamilyNature rolling his eyes. Not because he isn’t excited about the garden, but because I know he’s wondering where the frack we’ll put everything.

Don’t worry honey, we’ll find a way to squeeze it all in.

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