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Why I Shaved My Head

1. Why not

I mean, really, why not?

2. To feel the wind on my head

I like the feeling. The warm sun is nice too.

3. Because my 6 year old told me I would look stupid if I shaved it

When he told me this I had already decided to shave it but I was really struck by this comment. Why did he think this? Mr. Family Nature has shaved his before and nobody thought it was stupid. It’s not that he thought that shaved heads were stupid, just me shaving my head was stupid. All the more reason to do it.

4. Because I’d never done it before

I’ll try just about anything once.

5. Because so many people thought the idea of it was shocking

“Shave your head‽” *gasp* Oh, the horrors!

6. To set an example for my kids

So that they won’t think that a woman shaving her head is stupid anymore.

7. Because I am about more than HAIR

I’ve never really understood the attachment some women and girls have to their hair.

8. It grows back

It really does.

9. I can’t remember what my natural hair colour is

I’ve been colouring my hair for so long now. Sometimes I am mildly curious about what my natural colour is like and how much grey I actually have. I will know very soon.

10. It’s easy to care for

Ridiculously easy. Keeping it like this is very tempting.

11. It feels really cool

I rub my head constantly.

12. A woman can be beautiful with short hair, long hair or no hair


13. Because some people told me not to

Ask Mr. FN, he’ll tell you the way to get me to do something is by telling me not to do it – and I’ll run right out and do it. The people that said it were joking (mostly). But still, it felt kind of rebellious.

14. My 4yo daughter started school and suddenly wanted to grow her hair long

My daughter has always had a cute little pixie cut. She had a buzz cut once herself (because her brothers got one and she wanted to be like them). She always liked short hair. I don’t think it every occurred to her to have long hair until she started school and saw that pretty much every other girl has long hair. And … well, I think it’s totally impractical. She can’t take care of it at this age and it would constantly be in her way. So, it kind of irked me when she told me she wanted to grow her hair.

9 thoughts on “Why I Shaved My Head

  1. J

    I think it is BRILLIANT!!! I have been half tempted to shave my head before…. but my head is really mis-shapened.j

  2. Catriona

    And mine wanted to grow her hair long to be like her brothers!
    As the only fair haired kid in the family (and girl), she has been my follically challenged one, but has it long for a bun for ballet these days. Next year she wants to take gymnastics instead, so maybe she’ll get a chop.

  3. Joanna Vermeulen

    It has been a year since my daughter, then 17, shaved her head at a fund raiser she organized after she heard that one of her teachers was diagnosed with cancer. Her hair was blond and long, she donated it to Locks of Love so it can be made into a wig. She is thin and 6’3″. It was easy for her to be mistaken for a guy. I was amazed that at such a young age she showed such strength and confidence. She knew the reason she did it was much more important than how she looks.
    Funny thing is she loved how it looked and how it felt but most of all how it made her feel. She shares genes with Amanda that gave her beautiful, thick, strong hair in a beautiful color. I don’t think she will ever wear her hair long again.
    I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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