Family Nature

Garden 2012

We’ve had lots of fun with our vegetable garden over the last few years. It’s been fun experimenting with different things. Last year, I kind of went overboard and we ended up with an over-crowded garden. Many of our vegetables went to waste because we either couldn’t see them, couldn’t reach them or for some other reason we just didn’t really eat them. (Call me a princess, but I just didn’t dig lettuce that had holes all through it.) The good news is that now we have a pretty good idea of what will work in our space, and what the kids will actually eat.

Last weekend we got the garden ready and planted. Here it is, all ready for planting:

And here it is after being planted:

We planted the following (starting at the top): zucchini, two kinds of beets, bush beans, 4 kinds of heirloom tomatoes, black popcorn and cucumber along the fence. I’m also going to plant some burgundy beans beside the corn in the hopes that it will grow up the corn stalks.

The tomatoes are the only ones we didn’t start from seed:

As the garden starts growing, I’ll post more pictures.