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Garden Update: tomatoes, corn and other good stuff

I’ve been impatiently awaiting tomatoes from our garden. They seem to be taking longer this year. There are lots growing, but we haven’t had any ready for picking until yesterday. I could see one red one hiding in the back, and then I spotted another. Two! Two tomatoes ready for picking. Mr.FamilyNature managed to carefully maneuver through the garden to pick the two tomatoes off the back of the plants. Here is our very first tomato. It’s a Black Sea Man tomato:

Sadly, our first two tomatoes are victims of Blossom End Rot:

Boo. I was terribly disappointed.

On the bright side, we do have plenty of healthy tomatoes growing. Hopefully they will be ripe soon:

Here are a few other things happening in our garden ….

The corn is coming along well. Some cobs are small, but we have a few decent sized ones as well. Last year, we only had about 6 medium sized cobs but they yielded us a good amount of kernels which translated into many bowls of popped black popcorn:

Our zucchini plants do so well. They produce regularly:

I can see some of our beets poking up but I think I’ll let them get a bit bigger:

You can see a small cucumber below. We’ve only been able to pick a couple so far but it looks like were are going to have tonnes:

Finally, we have two tomato plants that have come up from seeds from plants last year. Here is a cherry tomato plant:

And I have no idea what kind this one is but it’s grown up through the corn and we only noticed it was there yesterday:

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