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photo 2Last October, our four kids participated in Scout Apple Day. We stood outside a local mall, on a cold, rainy day, and tried to sell apples seek donations for Scouts. Our particular location was a really tough sell. Not all that many were interested in donating. Even worse, while my kids worked up the courage to ask complete strangers for money, it was shocking to me how many walked right by ignoring them completely. I know that people were hustling and bustling about in a hurry, but for crying out loud, a simple “no thanks” was too much to ask, apparently. It was a bit discouraging. By the end of it we were all a little frustrated.

“Moooooom, are we done yet? What?! We have to sell how many apples?! Waaaah!”

“Kids, please stop crying. Nobody wants to buy apples from crying kids.”

We stuck it out, all six of us. I won’t say it was a fun day but it was certainly an interesting experience. At the end of the day we dutifully handed over our money tins and went home with a box of leftover apples we bought from our troop. They were the juiciest, most delicious apples we’ve ever had.

photo 1

Those apples have done us well but they were on their last legs. So Mr. FamilyNature and I peeled and chopped every last apple we had today. I made applesauce. Mr. FN made apple crisp. It was a nice way to end this blistery, cold, minus-39C-with-the-wind-chill day.

And not to worry kids, we’ll get another box of apples at the end of apple day next year.

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  1. Patience

    I never remember Joel coming home with apples. (he did the selling with the troop; I was never a part of it) He was a pretty good salesman; all charm and probably fictitious story about something heart tugging! LOL)